Doherty Hungary Kft is a specialist electric motor shaft manufacturer, our product range includes

Precision Turned Parts: Shafts/Armature Shafts, Spindles/Output Spindle, Precision Spindle and Shafts

Electric motor shafts

Doherty Hungary Kft specialises in the engineering and manufacture of electric motor shafts, supplying the household appliance, power tool and automotive sector.

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Precision Shaft is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation


The rotating axis of a machine [tool], which often has a shaft at its heart, that delivers rotational power from the motor.

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  • Tanya James Inspiring Future Engineers? We hope so.
    22 Nov 2017

    Meaningful and 'real' work experience is vital to young people when considering their future careers. Tanya James, Year 13 pupil at Hereford Sixth Form College wrote to us to ask if she could carry out some work experience at the factory. In July this year, she came to Oroshaza for two weeks. Here's how she got on.....

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  • news080517 Long Service Awards
    09 May 2017

    Recognition for 19 years service in Doherty Hungary Kft.

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  • Dualis Diploma Dual higher-level vocational training at Doherty Hungary Kft.
    07 Jan 2017

    We are looking for a young person who is interested in engineering where machines, structural issues and other technical solutions are used. In addition a basic knowledge of science to engineering drawings is an advantage, as well as good drawing skills.

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