Local children on a factory tour

28 October 2015

October 22nd:  Local primary school pupils from the 8th class had an opportunity to visit Doherty Hungary Kft on an Open Day, to learn a little more about the everyday life and work processes of the factory. This event was organised by the Employment Centre in Oroshaza, within the framework of a career guidance and counselling day. We trust that this encourages them to take an interest in accquiring those skills that we have a shortage of in the industry in general. Pupils visited an external training centre at the Tisza Kálmán Public Education Institute at the beginning of the day before coming to us.

The tour began with a short company presentation held by our HR Manager. Following this, pupils then got to know a bit more about the machinery that we have on site, learning about the various working processes in each section of the factory by our Engineers. They were then given a more "up close"  presentation of the machines which helped to make the metal working processes more interesting for the 13-14 years old children.

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