Spindles by Doherty HUngary Kft

The precision Spindles manufactured at Doherty Hungary Kft are between 6mm and 32mm in diameter and 250mm in length.

The following variants can be produced:

  • Steel spindles
  • Stainless steel spindles
  • Turned spindles
  • Ground spindles
  • Splined spindles
  • Gear cut spindles
  • Heat treated spindles

Doherty Hungary Kft specialises in the manufacture of Electric Motor Spindles.

While the shaft is the central and first component of an electric motor, which transmits torque and rotation, the spindle is the rotating axis of a machine [tool], which often has a shaft at its heart, that delivers the rotational power from the motor to, for example the chuck and drill bit on a power tool.

Our customers have precision spindles from Doherty Hungary Kft on products such as Chainsaws, Jigsaws, hedge trimmers, drills etc.

Enquiry on Spindles

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Enquiry on Spindles