Long Service Awards

09 May 2017

Patrick Doherty visited DH in April and gave our longest serving employees an award for their continued services to the business.

The four gentlemen - János Baksai, József Németh, Tihamér Puskás and Mihály Tógyi have been with us since the company started trading in 1998. They were part of the original team of 10 people who were recruited to start production in Oroshaza and were sent to England for 4 weeks to learn the basic skills required for their future profession.

Employees like these are the foundation of any company. From those days when we were 10 we have developed, 19 years later, to be a team of 190.



Patrick Doherty presents the awards


János Baksai, József Németh, Tihamér Puskás és Mihály Tógyi along with Production Manager, József Bakos

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