Review 2011

15 December 2011

Doherty Hungary finished an outstanding business year in 2011.

In the last five years we have grown by 69% and have been continuously increasing our market share, home and abroad. However, growth of 25% in 2011 makes it the most successful year in the life of the 77 year-old company. The annual sales will be 6,3 million euro. Jim Doherty, Managing Director expects further increases in the next five years, an average of 15% per year.

For the period of 2011-2016 we already have excellent long term contracts in place and a significant part of the capacity is booked. We intend to continually invest in new technology and in the next 18 months will build a new factory to accommodate the growth. During this period we also plan to increase the number of employees from 120 to 160. A key focus for us is training and just before the end of 2011 our new training facility will be completed. With a well trained labour force we will be able to better satisfy the increasing customer demands and improve productivity.

The training program will include physical workers, staff and managers. Many of our technical suppliers are expected to support this education programme. In the next issue of the newsletter we will provide you more information about the factory expansion.

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